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Barking Pet SPA offers a full range of premium pet grooming services for extra-small, small, and medium-sized dogs ( under 20 kgs ). Teeth brush /ear cleaning/nail grinding/anal glands/shampoo dry/brush out/pad shave/sanity shave including in all service packages.

Welcome to Barking Pet SPA

Trusted Pet Care Services in Houston.

Barking Pet SPA boasts almost two decades of professional expertise in dog grooming. Their passion lies in enhancing dogs’ cleanliness and style. Discover additional information about their services here.

What kinds of dogs do we groom?

Our Salon specialises in extra-small, small and medium sized dogs.

If you have a large dog, grooming may be possible at your location.

Contact us for details.

We use the best products

Your dog deserves the best, and we use the best shampoo, rinse and care products from Japan.

Your pet is special and deserves the best care!

We Offer Full-Service gooming
professional pet care shampoo & dry services

Expert All-In-One Pet Care Service You Can Trust In Houston.

Call us at +1(832) 292-4766 and experience capable pet care services handling your needs throughout Houston, TX.
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We Offer Top Quality Pet Products
Based on 47 reviews
Colin Brunner
Colin Brunner
My pets come here often. The beauticians here are very attentive and enthusiastic. I feel very reassured and the price is very favorable. I recommend this place.
Rygine Lingao
Rygine Lingao
My experience with my dog was wonderful here! Nancy cut his hair and she is VERY experienced with poodles/doodles. She had multiple picture examples you could point to if you didn’t exactly know how to describe how you’d want your dog cut. She hand cut his hair - she’s amazing! I also love how they have a little bubble bath that looks like a jacuzzi - I think that’s what keeps my dog more calm during the bath, and keeps him warm as well vs just having him stand and using a shower head. Nancy is kind, detailed, and the place is clean. When I picked up my dog, he was so happy and handsome wearing a little bow tie! Even went back to Nancy and the other worker to say hi. I’m grateful to have found this place and will be coming back!
Carter Mcduffie
Carter Mcduffie
My kitten often comes here to take a bath. She likes it very much. This is a great store.
Yang Xuan
Yang Xuan
Tian Tenghis
Tian Tenghis
Such an incredible groomer!!! My dog looks absolutely adorable and they were so sweet with him and knowledgeable about dogs, even going out of their way to hand scissor his hair instead of the automatic clippers because they were concerned about his sensitive skin. Their prices are super reasonable too. This place is out of my way but I’ll continue to go back because they are so good and kind. Thank you!!!!!!

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Barking Pet SPA offers a full range of premium pet grooming services for extra-small, small, and medium-sized dogs ( under 20 kgs ). The full service includes shampoo & dry, nail trim, pads shave and ear cleaning.

Kindly be aware that addressing severe matting in a dog’s fur can cause discomfort and stress for both the pet and groomer. If the fur is excessively matted, we won’t proceed with mat removal, maintaining the regular price instead of an additional fee. To safeguard your dog’s coat and prevent matting, we advise scheduling grooming every six weeks and using Furmake shampoo treatment to prevent tangles. Enhance effectiveness by combining it with a bubble bath.

Additionally, please note that pricing adjustments might apply based on factors such as your dog’s size, hair condition, and their behavior during grooming.

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